5 ways to add some WILD Canadiana to your Christmas

Starting in the New Year I will be sharing stories of outdoor adventure with you, but in the meantime, why not make some winter memories of your own? Bring the spirit of the Canadian wilderness home this season: Go for a hike/ski/run in the woods. Adding some wild to the holidays doesn’t need to be … Continue reading 5 ways to add some WILD Canadiana to your Christmas


Survive Winter Like a Canadian

cof We're still in early winter and Hygge-mania has firmly gripped our nation once again. All around the country people are lusting over coordinated sweater outfits and perfectly poured lattes. We're planning Hygge dinner parties and posting perfectly poised fireside photographs on instagram. It is all very romantic and refined, but what is there to … Continue reading Survive Winter Like a Canadian

Environmental Conditioning Part Two: Science.

How does environmental conditioning work? This, like all good questions, is simple on the surface and becomes more and more complicated each time you remove a layer and look more deeply into the heart of it. The simple answer is this: with chronic exposure to cold your body sets up mechanisms to create heat more … Continue reading Environmental Conditioning Part Two: Science.

Environmental Conditioning Part One

I know how to handle the cold: I put my long underwear on in October and don’t take them off until April. I am a hard core proponent of the saying: ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.’ My Outdoor Survival Canada parka is my most prized possession. Yet during the cold … Continue reading Environmental Conditioning Part One